Building Websites That Are Stunning And Functional


The beginning of the process starts with us getting to know you, the client. We want to completely understand what your goals and visions are for your new website. We will start with an extensive questionnaire that covers everything we need to know about your brand and/or business. This will give us a grasp on all of your design and stylistic requests as well as determine the desired functionality of your website. After we have discussed the vision of your website we will set a timeline for the completion of the website. We will establish a date for the website to go live, and we will provide weekly updates to keep you informed about every step of the process.

Design Phase
Now we can begin the design phase. We will begin by designing a variety of different homepages for you to choose from. We understand that the homepage will be the most important part of your new website, so we will allocate a significant amount of time to this part of the process. We will discuss, revise and redesign until we land on the perfect homepage that matches the personality of your brand. Once we have selected an extraordinary homepage we can begin to design the rest of the website. Each page will emulate the style of the homepage and will complement the overall design of the website.

Development Stage
We always develop for mobile platforms first. We know that mobile devices will generate the vast majority of your traffic so we focus on developing exceptional mobile functionality. We will develop your website so that it is easy to navigate and extremely user friendly. Your new website will provide an incredible overall experience for your customers. By the end of this stage you will have a perfectly functioning website.

Quality Assessment & Launch
Finally, we will perform an in-depth quality assessment of your new website. We will insure that every button, link, web page, and form is working perfectly and without error. Then, we will make certain that all pictures, graphics and additional content are properly SEO tagged in order to increase the organic reach of the site. Finally, we will make sure that the website is 100% search engine ready. After everything has been approved by our QA team, the site will go live. Once live, we will continue to monitor the site and we will be readily available for any additions or revisions you need made to your website. At last, you will have a beautiful, perfectly functioning website and your vision will have come to fruition.

Big Truck Rental

Big Truck Rental is one of our larger websites. This site features a vast inventory of different types of trucks and different rental programs to choose from. We developed this site to make navigating between brands, truck types, and rental plans extremely easy. This site uses Salesforce integration to generate leads and provide lead management. This site is SEO optimized and routinely ranks #1 in Google searches across the spectrum in keywords.

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Scott | Perez

Scott | Perez is an employee-focused law firm in Dallas, TX. The design of this site is professional, clean and inviting. In addition to the design and development, we also managed the professional photography and content for this website. Another key component of this website is the use of call rail. This feature has enabled us to change the way they track and grow their client base and how they manage a growing practice.

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Four Escobars

Four Escobars is a family run barbecue sauce company that uses their website to move product to retailers. This simple and effective website utilizes an about us page, a product page, and a retailer page to share their story and make it incredibly easy for retailers to understand and order their product. This is a great example of a site that is on a very limited budget and is more cost effective than a do it yourself “wix.com” style platform.

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