5 Privacy Legal Issues

March 2, 2015
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Recently, corporations have been in the hot seat. You ask why? Corporations are not getting permission, disclosing information, failing to provide privacy information, hidden charges and patent issues.

Why do we need to get permission?

  • Telephone Consumer Protection Act requires companies to get consent before sending out text messages.
  • Companies must get consent from potential recipients. The importance for permission matters even more because of the potential rise of mobile payments. Companies need to make sure the person is authorized to make the payment.
  • If companies are not getting simple permission for text messages, just imagine the millions of lawsuits caused by unauthorized transactions because of the ability for mobile payment.


If you are sending out text messages or information, make sure you disclose your terms and conditions.
Mobile Screens limit how much content can be displayed on the screen. You must find a way; you can even get creative how you want to display the information whether its email or mobile marketing.

Privacy Settings

Mobile Marketing Companies fail to reveal their methods to collect data through mobile. Good way to avoid any lawsuits or congressional hearings, when you design your mobile marketing campaign makes sure you get advice your legal counsel. Don’t avoid it, because it could cost your millions later.

Another way to make sure you avoid the court rooms, the Federal Trade Commission created a report with recommendations for mobile marketers in December. The report was created after the several lawsuits and congressional hearings.

A surprise charge on the phone bill

Hidden charges or unauthorized charges have appeared onto consumers’ phone bill. Mobile marketers cannot brush it under the rug but they must investigate the reason behind these charges and must disclose their information immediately.

Don’t forget about infringement

This issue does not affect mobile marketers as much as it affects the hardware and software companies. Make sure you do not steal, copy or utilize another company’s design. You do not own the design. Companies will either flourish or die out because of pile of debt and lack of credibility.

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