Business Accelerator

Financing for your Business or Start Up

Our Business Accelerator program was created to allow entrepreneurs, business owners and investors to have an opportunity to accelerate the technology needs of their businesses without incurring burdensome debt and without sacrificing equity. The Business Accelerator at Raze Media, funds technology projects and allows for a reasonable payback period and provides superior technology resources and engineering to maintain the technology while the business grows.

The Business Accelerator program funds many types of projects including websites, mobile applications, software development, and other tech needs. The program allows you to take full advantage of the technology and accelerates your ability to grow immediately while you pay back the costs of the technology over a period of time. Raze Media then offers your company all the services you need to properly grow and maintain your new technology solution.
Unmatched Engineering!

We got this! Our team at Raze will meet with you and help you design and engineer a technology solution that meets your business needs and budgets. Scoping is a crucial first step and one that many technology firms don’t spend enough time on. We are thorough, accurate and detailed and we dream big but help you understand the reality of your requests. We turn this into a business requirements document that helps solidify your vision and that is turned into a scope and pricing proposal.

Financing Your Technology Project

Now that we have a scope, we need to qualify your project for the program. Our team will walk through your funding sources, sales and profitability to find a term that make sense for your business and that allows the project to be paid back within our guidelines. Because all of our financing is done internally, we can create a unique term for your payback that allows you to grow immediately and gain the full financial benefit of your technology. Once we have agreed on a term, we will sign you up and queue up the project!

Ongoing Technology Support

Once your project is ready to launch, you will need help, want changes, and like most business, you will have new and exciting requests. As part of our program you will have a world class set of engineers, developers and designers to care for your technology. In order to protect our investment in you, we require maintenance and hosting services to be part of all of our Business Accelerators, and this ensure you always have the resources needed to grow and maintain your business. We want you to focus on your business and let us focus on your technology.


Ready to get started? Lets start with some basics! Fill out the application and we reach out and get started.

Apply Now!

No! once we scope your project and finalize the pricing for your project, including taxes if applicable, we will create a payment schedule without interest. Of course, any late payments will incur late fees and interest just like any debt.

Raze Media is underwriting and funding your project directly. We do not use any outside funding sources.

During the term, we hold your technology and the IP associated with it as collateral. Like any debt, once the note is paid off, you own your technology. Until then, we maintain a strict access policy and require that all hosting and maintenance be performed by our team.

Unfortunately not. In order to protect our investment in your business we maintain a strict access policy.

We work with a lot of investors and they love the benefits we provide. That being said, we do not give copies or access to the code or technology. However, we will always be willing to give them a tour of the technology and code and this usually puts any investors at ease. 

Congrats! We all get paid! Like any debt, this one must be paid off as part of any sale. There is no penalty for paying off the note early.

Great question! The short answer is yes, but we will determine the exact amount based upon the size of the project and type of project. Typically this ranges between 15-20% of the project cost.

This is a rare occurrence in our program, but if you default, we will own your technology and all rights to the IP associated with it. We will then look to recoup our investment in alternative ways.

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