Content Planners: What It Is and Why It’s Useful

September 18, 2023
Content Planner

As digital marketing experts, we know that managing your clients’ accounts effectively is top priority. To do this right, you have to be ahead of the game; ideas have to evolve from a thought into a real project. Our team at Raze Media knows the best way to turn our content ideas into reality is to use a content planner for every client we work with. But how does a content planner work? Let’s learn more about what a content planner is and how you can utilize it in your business.

What is a content planner?

A content planner is an organizational tool that allows marketers to view their monthly social content in a calendar format.  Content planners sometimes feature algorithms to assist you in your work; you can upload your created content and have it determine which posts to showcase. With all of your posts in one place, each post gets the attention it needs to help you make more informed decisions. Plus, content planners can give you insight into the ideal social media platforms to post your content on. It calculates this by evaluating the content, the desired action from the target audience, and the budget you have set. 

How do content planners improve productivity?

Utilizing a content planner can help you manage your time effectively and make you more productive in the workspace. Referring to a set content schedule helps keep each team member in your marketing team on top of deadlines and result in less confusion and time loss. The best results are achieved when your content strategy coincides with the creation of content. Creating a strategic content planner that follows the brands objectives will make it easier for creatives to produce high quality work consistently. 

Use content planners to gain valuable insights

There are several reasons why content planners are useful past keeping a feed consistent and relevant. First, it ensures that unique content is developed for each post. Displaying all content for a brand in one place makes it easier to see past work for design and topic inspiration. Second, it uses the resources you have wisely; team members quickly see what images can’t be used again, or inspire how a component can be reused. Next, it organically increases engagement. The calendar assesses when viewers are most likely to interact with the post. You can also choose to post the same content across multiple platforms or spread out the same content across different days to inspire interest in the topic. 

Create conversation with Raze Media!

Content planners are amazing tools that can help you stay ahead of the competition. The more organized your content is, the more engaged your audience will be. When content flows together in design and topics discussed, your brand will gain credibility with your target audience. Having an organized page can also set you apart from your competitors by building loyalty by showing your brand has real intentions.Ready to begin planning your social media content effectively? Let our team at Raze Media help you meet your marketing goals. Start a conversation with us today!

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