5 Tips for Developing Your Website

December 6, 2023
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Creating a website can take a lot of time and knowledge. At Raze Media, we can offer as much or as little assistance as needed. Whether you need support building your website from the ground up, or simply adding a landing page for your users, we’re here to help. Here is a list we put together of five tips to keep in mind when developing your website. 


  1. Have a call to action: Make your consumers want to respond! Whether that’s booking an appointment, buying a product, etc, the goal is to drive a reaction. Landing pages can be especially effective. There’s a multitude of ways to incorporate one onto your site.  
  2. Make it easy to navigate: Having a successful user experience is crucial to consider when building a website. Your customers shouldn’t have a problem finding the exact content they are looking for. Everything should be clear, concise, and organized. Here are some tips to facilitate navigation:
    1. Have the page headers as straightforward as possible. Note: the fewer clicks for a user, the better!
    2. Include a search box.
    3. Use the footer for more internal linking.
  3. Implement SEO: Being detailed in your word choices both on and off-site can make or break your website. SEO is enabling this practice so your website has a better chance of appearing first when a user is searching for something you offer. Raze can be a huge help in this field since it’s one of our specialties! 
  4. Be consistent with your brand: Know your target audience, and have defined goals for both your brand and your users. Endure the mind of a consumer and note what they would be visiting your website to learn more about.
  5. Make it unique: Have your brand shine through your website! Try using your own pictures to make it more personalized, and show your consumers who you are. Design your website to tell your brand’s story. 


When you choose Raze Media, we work together toward your website development goals. Our process is thorough and meticulous. Here’s an overview of what it includes:

  1. Preparation: We need to get to know your brand! What are your goals? What is your vision? How can we help?
  2. Design: We’ll play around with templates so you don’t have to! You have the ability to sit back while we lay the groundwork and choose what you like best.
  3. Develop: We make sure your website is functioning to its full potential on all platforms and devices and is user-friendly!
  4. Assess & Launch: Complete finishing touches to ensure your website is ready, and make it public! 


We hope these tips are helpful and you feel more confident in your website development abilities. Still missing information or care to know more? You can visit our website to see what else we have to offer. See something you think we can help you with? Contact us today.

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