Email Marketing: 4 Tips for Creating a Campaign

March 17, 2023

Email marketing is becoming increasingly important to marketing your brand and getting your message out to your target audience. A large majority of the population has an email they check every day, making email marketing a super useful tool in consistently keeping your target audience engaged and up to date with your offerings. E-mail is one of the most important channels because it gives you a cost-effective way to control what messages go out to who you need them to.

The results seen from email marketing are growing each year, with an average open rate of 48% and click-through rate of 16% in 2022. The average ROI of email marketing is quite high as well with the average being a $36 return out of every $1 that is invested. This makes email marketing one of the most important tools in digital marketing for growing your brand and sales.

 Here are a few simple tricks to keep in mind when designing your email marketing campaign.

Tip 1: Determine your Email Marketing Objective:

 The first and most important step to creating an email marketing campaign is determining what the objective of your campaign is and what your desired result from your audience will be. E-mail is great for many objectives such as retargeting previous customers, keeping your target audience up to date on promotions, or building a connection with your target audience. Each one of these objectives would require a different strategy to effectively reach your desired result, which makes determining your objective an important first step.

Tip 2: Keep On Brand:

  As with everything in marketing, keeping your brand consistent with the rest of your platforms will lead to more success. Treat email as you would any other platform you use to promote your brand by keeping style, wording, and imagery consistent. Your audience will recognize your emails as your brand if it’s the same as your other platforms. Building familiarity and trust is the key to building an audience, and reinforcing your brand’s image through constant emails will help promote your message to those you want to see it.

Tip 3: Send Out Emails Frequently:

 Consistently sending out emails is the best way to achieve success in digital marketing. Having your audience be reminded consistently of your brand will keep you in their consideration, especially if your emails are designed to meet the needs of your audience. Sending frequent emails with new promotions or information with a call to action promotes better results. 

Email send rates are different across different industries, it’s a careful balance to find out what frequency is right for you. Not sending enough can cause you to lose out on valuable clicks, but also sending out too many could lead to users unsubscribing. A good starting rate is to aim to at least send out one email a week and ramp up depending on your success at the beginning. Another good tip is to check out how often bigger companies in the same industry send out their emails. This could be good insight on your industry and what might be the common practices you could imitate to grow your brand.

The most important thing to remember about email frequency is it should be set with your target audience in mind and what they respond best to. The more you understand the thought process of your audience the more you’ll understand when the best time to send emails is. Ways to get more insight could be sending out surveys and asking your audience what they prefer, or even using machine learning to determine what practices give the best results.

Tip 4: Advertise Your Email Campaigns Through Social Media:

 Social media is a great place to increase email subscribers who are already interested in your brand. Your brand is not an island, use your other platforms to boost each other for the best results. Including incentives for your audience to join your email through other social media will help boost your subscribers, which will lead to more exposure as you send out consistent emails. Finding new creative ways to entice your audience will lead to higher subscription rates and exposure.

Need Help Creating An Email Marketing Campaign? 

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