Twitter to X: Is This The Future of Social Media?

September 26, 2023
Twitter to X

There are several reasons why companies will rebrand themselves; usually it’s to give their company a new identity or to better align themselves with the products and services that they offer. Just a few months ago, a rebranding campaign of epic proportions began when Twitter announced that they would now be called “X.” As one of the most prominent social media platforms today, this news came at a shock to many people, especially those who have used Twitter for several years beforehand. This change may be controversial, but X’s new vision may change the social media landscape forever. Let’s learn more about this revolutionary change and how it will impact the world of social media marketing.

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The Twitter Purchase and Rebranding

In October of 2022, entrepreneur Elon Musk purchased Twitter outright for $44 million after a tumultuous negotiation process. Soon after the acquisition, a number of changes were made to the popular social media platform with the name change being the most prominent. Twitter was already a widely-recognized brand prior to Musk’s acquisition, so many industry experts questioned why the company would move away from a brand identity that it had developed since their inception in 2006. 

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The Introduction of New In-App Features

Along with the rebranding, a number of new features and changes were added to change the way that users interacted with the app. One feature that has caused some controversy is the addition of a premium subscription that gives users the ability to add the famous blue checkmark to their profiles. The blue checkmark was initially reserved for high-profile users such as celebrities and established businesses. Now, anyone who pays their monthly subscription can get the blue checkmark; many industry experts think that this diminishes the credibility of the symbol. Also, unregistered X users are now unable to view posts on the platform, which can greatly affect how marketers use X going forward.

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What ‘X’ Means For The Future of Social Media Marketing

As digital marketers, it’s important to understand how to effectively utilize social media to accomplish your marketing goals. The recent changes that X has undergone means that marketers will have to adjust their social media campaign strategies to give their clients a competitive advantage. Many of the features on Twitter that were once free are now behind paywalls, so post visibility may not be as high as it was before. Plus, the demographics of the users on X might change with the new subscriptions, so marketers will need to conduct additional research to determine if their target audience will still be using X. 

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