Google Algorithm Updates 2023

November 14, 2023
Google Algorithm updates

Due to the constant evolution and advances in technology, it is crucial for Google to maintain search algorithms that are up-to-date. These updates play a significant role in the marketing world, benefiting both businesses and consumers. They provide online users with the most relevant results and help brands establish a proper online presence based on their content. Google conducts various types of updates from time to time, and three of the most recent algorithm updates worth mentioning took place in August, September, and October of this year.

August 2023 Broad Core Update

Google released a broad core update on August 22, 2023, which was finalized by September 9th. The main purpose of this algorithm change is to enhance Google’s overall content and ensure that it offers the most useful, dependable, and pertinent information to searchers. Google performs these updates every few months to keep the browser up-to-date. This is especially beneficial for websites that may have been underperforming previously, as it can help them do better in search results, and vice versa. The best way to approach a broad core update is to focus on making sure your website has the most helpful and informative content possible, so that the automated ranking systems can recognize your content as the most relevant. If you want to evaluate your website content, you can refer to Google’s recommendations or contact us for help!

September 2023 Helpful Content Update

On September 14th, Google released a helpful content update, which was completed by the 28th of the month. This update allows the system to generate a signal used by the automated ranking systems to better ensure people see original, helpful content in their search results. Therefore, websites that are deemed to have unhelpful content are less likely to appear in search results. To determine whether your content is of good quality, you can self-assess by asking yourself these questions.

October 2023 Spam and Broad Core Updates

The final major updates, the Spam update, were released on October 4th and the Broad Core update was released on October 5th. These updates both took about three weeks to complete. The purpose of the Google Search Spam update is to improve the spam detection system entirely, and improve spam detection of various languages. This update will ensure Google spots spam including any new types. Websites that previously did not comply with spam policies may notice alterations, and making further edits to comply with policies can improve Google’s understanding of the website, and result in higher rankings. This goes for everything except links; changing link errors may not help because if the website has ranking benefits due to previous links that are altered, those rankings will be lost. 

The Broad Core update focused on improving the search algorithm and internal system. This update has the same primary purpose of the first core update in August; this algorithm change will enhance Google’s overall content and ensure that it offers the most useful, dependable, and pertinent information to searchers. These updates happen every few months to ensure all content on Google complies with policies. 

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Google regularly updates its internal systems to provide viewers with the most relevant and helpful content that answers their search queries. These updates change the way the algorithm operates and how it weighs website factors and signals. Due to this, it may also affect website rankings. To bring rankings up or to their original standing, create helpful content that is consistent with the brand across all platforms. 

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