How Can I Create a Compelling Call To Action?

March 13, 2024
How Can I Create a Compelling Call To Action?

As a marketer, something we all strive to do in our daily jobs is to get our customers to buy a product, promote the brand, or learn more about a service or product. The social posts, campaigns, emails, text messages, and advertisements are all hopefully leading the customer to do something! If you aren’t using your words correctly, your customers could completely miss the message, and then the marketing efforts didn’t meet the end goal. If that sounds as terrifying to you as it does to us, read the rest of our blog to learn how you can captivate your audience with a compelling call-to-action. 

What Is a Call To Action?

A call to action (CTA) is a statement that prompts the reader to take some sort of action after consuming your business’s content. The action can range from engagement on the post to purchasing a product. The CTA is supposed to further the customer’s experience with your company. Their customer experience should go above and beyond a simple post, it should have a lasting impression on them and affect their purchasing habits. 

The call to action is usually a link, a clickable photo, or a learn more button. CTAs can be embedded in the copy or part of a photo/video. CTAs are very important because they leave the customer with a direction of what to do next. It helps make your business more memorable than the last. 

What Makes a Call To Action Compelling?

Your call to action should always be a compelling plea to further their experience with your business. It should be compelling enough that every time you use a CTA you see an increase in engagement. 

Now what makes a CTA compelling? A compelling and successful call to action will create a sense of urgency. For example, call NOW, or order NOW before it’s too late. The urgency will let the customers know that physical action must be taken immediately or they will miss out on the opportunity. 

How You Can Make a Call To Action

Now that we’ve gone over what a call to action is, let’s dive deeper! When you’re creating a call to action you have the opportunity to be very creative and truly capture the attention of your intended audience. Let’s get into some tips on how to create a compelling call to action. 

  • Use a strong verb 
  • Create a sense of urgency 
  • Use engaging language 
  • Place CTA at the beginning or end of copy
  • Short and simple
  • Have a link to click 
  • Be colorful and creative 
  • Must be relevant to content 

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