How Can I Create a Consistent Brand Image And Voice Across All Marketing Channels?

February 21, 2024
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Having a hard time creating a consistent brand image and voice across all marketing channels? Developing a consistent brand image is crucial for businesses striving to maintain a strong brand identity and build a loyal customer base online. In today’s constantly progressing marketing environment, it may be difficult to even find a starting point. Let’s uncover key steps of creating a consistent brand image and voice for your business: 

Chalk board with "Brand" written in orange

1. Define your brand identity 

Prior to creating a consistent brand image and voice, it is necessary to define your brand identity. Brand identity encompasses your brand’s voice, mission, values, vision, tone, and visual elements, such as your brand’s logo. You should strive to align your brand identity with your unique selling proposition, target audience, and the industry your business serves. 

Having a specific and strong brand identity will help you translate your decisions and actions across all marketing channels. Thus, providing a solid foundation for omnichannel marketing to be present and further increase your brand loyalty. Omnichannel marketing occurs when a business implements one consistent message or voice across multiple platforms. 

2. Create a brand style guideline

Next, you want to develop brand guidelines. This guide outlines the rules and standards for using your brand identity elements, which include your: logo, colors, fonts, images, slogan, and hashtags. Once you have defined those elements you may develop your brand pillars and voice. Brand pillars are the values and characteristics that make up your brand. Specifically, brand pillars help you define the fundamental points that set your company apart from your competitors. 

A brand voice is the unique personality that your brand presents to the world. Your brand tone of voice can be anything from formal or authoritative or playful and bantery. When deciding your brand’s voice, consider who is your target audience; how would they want to be approached? A helpful tip is to specify any preferred vocabulary, emojis, and sentence structure you care to utilize for your brand voice. 

In addition, to cut down on time is to create content templates that align your brand’s voice to the products or services it offers (super helpful if you have a specific monthly/weekly social post). Another helpful tip to consider is embracing platform specificities. While maintaining core business elements try to tailor your content to the unique format and tone of different social platforms. 

3. Implement across channels and audit your content

Once you have defined your brand identity, voice, and developed brand guidelines you can implement these ideas across your brand’s choice of marketing channels. It is important to note that you should review your existing content across all platforms and compare it with your style and voice guides. 

Look out for any discrepancies in tone, visual elements, voice, grammar, and formatting. If you do identify any channels where your brand needs improvement or to even delete that content do not be afraid to do so. 

In addition, you should aim to consistently monitor your content performance and feedback. The data gained from these content audits can help you optimize your brand’s voice and image. The more concise and collected your content is across marketing channels on and offline, the better your omnichannel marketing is working. 

4. Training and Monitoring

The fourth step is to train your team and monitor that the guidelines are being followed. It’s one thing for an individual to understand a brand’s image and voice, and how to implement a brand style guideline. But it’s another to congruently have an entire marketing team following those guidelines perfectly. 

To ensure consistency, organize your brand style guide to be shared with your team. Make sure to include examples of different content (graphics and captions) across the multiple channels your brand chooses to utilize. In order to make sure your team displays your brand’s image consistently, utilize a checks and balances system. A good tip would be to have a brand expert or social media manager who double checks every marketing post. 

How Raze Media can help you keep a consistent brand image and voice 

Another way to help ensure you brand voice and image is consistent across all marketing channels is to partner strategically through outside marketing agencies. If you seem to find yourself taking on too much or maybe you just have no clue where to start, seek out Raze Media. Raze Media is an innovative marketing and advertising agency that creates conversations on and offline for brands of all types. Contact us to learn how we can create tailored marketing for your brand today.

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