HULU Ad Manager

September 21, 2020

Hulu, one of the most popular streaming services, collaborates with the top 200 brands in the United States. And now they are accommodating smaller companies as well via Hulu Ad Manager, a self-serve advertising solution for streaming TV. In the world of technology, many people have stopped watching traditional television and switched over to streaming platforms. Hulu has the largest streaming TV library including current TV hits, classic favorites and Hulu originals.

Hulu Ad Manager is a new way for businesses of all sizes to stream ads on a major platform. This user-friendly tool makes it easy to include streaming advertisements in your marketing strategy, giving you the opportunity to reach thousands of new potential customers. Here’s how simple Hulu Ad Manager is.

  1. Manage your schedule by choosing when you want your advertising campaign to run.
  2. Determine your audience by location, age, gender, interest, and program genre.
  3. Set your budget. Minimum spend is $500 per campaign.
  4. Upload your ad for review and get it approved within 72 hours
  5. Pay with your credit card for a fast and secure payment. Hulu accepts most, if not all, major credit cards.
  6. Lastly, measure ad performance by getting up-to-date information about your ad delivery.

Why should you advertise on Hulu?

By 2023, eMarketer has predicted that over 25% of U.S. households will toss their set-top boxes, traditional TV ratings have declined overall by 15% since 2017, and there are 31 million people in the U.S. that have never owned a set-top box. Additionally, Hulu has seen a 61% increase in time spent watching streaming content year over year, that means they’re watching twice as much via streaming services than live TV. Streaming TV puts the viewing experience right in the hands of the viewer, so be a part of their experience. Hulu will allow you to connect with your target audience, set flexible budgets, manage your campaigns easily, and view up-to-date ad performance. Advertising on Hulu gives you the advantage by removing the barriers needed to advertise on TV. No more big advertising budgets and third-party agencies. Your customers are streaming, you’re most likely streaming as well, so why not stream your ads too!

Hulu Ad Manager is in the beta testing stage in order to make sure all the features are functioning correctly to ensure the advertisement will be successful. If you’re interested in an opportunity to connect with your audience, RSVP here for a chance to be a part of their beta.

Raze Media can help your business advertise on Hulu with the creative direction of your choice. Advertising on Hulu is a great opportunity to build and grow your digital presence. It is a well-known streaming platform, meaning your business has the room to expand in a way like never before. It has never been this easy to advertise on TV and now you have the perfect tool to be able to do so. Still nervous? Raze Media is here to help navigate and provide guidance managing this new tool. Contact us today!

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