A Guide to Instagram Hashtags

December 20, 2023
A guide to using instagram hashtags

Living in the New Media Age, getting your message delivered to the right audience can be a challenge. Each component has to be strategic and synchronized. Market research today suggests that your business will benefit from implementing tactics on social media platforms. Social media is a powerful tool that can aid businesses in meeting their goals and objectives. The key is knowing which tools to use, so let’s start with understanding hashtags on Instagram

What are Hashtags?

Hashtags are words, key phrases, or numbers following the pound symbol (#). When a word or phrase is added behind the pound symbol, it is able to track content on social posts that incorporate that hashtag. On Instagram currently, hashtags can be added to posts, comments, and bios. Hashtags were invented to bring order to the viewer and better guide the consumer experience on social media. Hashtags are interactive, can be followed, and searched. 

Are Hashtags Useful?

It is a common misconception that hashtags are useless and do not contribute to the overall success of the post to which they are tagged. Although, hashtags are an essential asset when using Instagram to promote your business. Forward thinking brands implement hashtags with specific goals and their marketing strategy in mind; brands do this when they want a post to go viral or are aiming to leverage their seo efforts. 

How do Hashtags Boost Instagram Posts?

Hashtags play an important role in the overall performance of the Instagram post. They group together similar online conversations to categorize content for posts related to what the user has searched for. Implementing trending hashtags can help the post organically be shown to viewers who have searched the hashtag, followers of the hashtag, accounts that have interacted with the hashtag previously. 

Increase Engagement 

As we previously mentioned, hashtags will bring you into larger online conversations which will increase the reach of your posts. Using hashtags will naturally increase your account’s engagement because it will be pushed out to more users. More views on a post makes it more likely for Instagram to promote your post closer to the top of the search result page. So, it’s always best practice to use hashtags that are relevant to your brand and content. If this isn’t enough to increase engagement, explore our services page to learn how Raze Media can boost engagement! 

Increases Your Brands Findability

Hashtags increase brand awareness as they spread to new audiences. With hashtags, your content can easily be found by anyone interested in that key phrase. Implementing branded hashtags is also beneficial for people who already support the brand to be able to find specific posts. 

Adds Additional Context 

When writing captions, it’s best to keep them short and to the point. Hashtags make it so you can include important keywords without saying too much. For example, if your business attended an event, using the official event hashtag will make your post easier to be found by other attendees. Although, maybe you also want others who weren’t there, but interested in the topics of conversation to find your post. In this case, adding hashtags of the topics covered will make it so other people covering the same topics can find your post. 

Elevate Your Social Media Presence With Raze Media!

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