Mobile Marketing

March 2, 2015
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Small businesses unlike corporations have to self-serve themselves and develop their social media, email marketing and mobile marketing strategies. In eyes of the business owner: the email marketing, social media and mobile marketing are treated the same way.

A business will get their username and password treat it like social media. They may send out messages every day. On the consumer side, the customers are getting SMS messages constantly or they get offer that’s not relevant, don’t like the offer and choose to opt out the program.

When the business receives their data from their mobile marketing service, it would show that the program does not work so they discontinue because its not working because of the lack of increase of business and opt outs.

You wouldn’t let anyone lay down the foundation of your house, like you shouldn’t let anyone handle your mobile marketing. You would let a professional with experience handle it.

SMS messaging is a service that needs to be managed by a professional. A professional would understand sensitivity of the consumer; gain more information, trends in your industry, and the customers you want to target.

Raze Media guides the business through the whole mobile experience. We help with the data and trends of your business alongside the industry.

Here are some Dos and Don’ts for successful mobile marketing from our CEO Tim McCallum.


  • Keep all marketing materials, especially your website, fresh and update them often. Make sure even POP material is relevant to achieve sustained mobile success.
  • Attach an offer to the opt-in campaign.
  • Be extremely specific.
  • Text customers deep discounts over a short period of time to yield high ROIs.
  • Use contests and giveaways to maintain the database.
  • Collect emails. We encourage our clients to use mobile and email marketing together.
  • Broadcast relevant yet personalized offers and alerts to your customers.


  • Create elaborate messages that are no longer than 160 characters.
  • Ask for data or information without rewarding the consumer.
  • Broadcast generic, blanket messages and offers that can be found in other media.
  • Broadcast too frequently or too little. The recommendation: two times per month.
  • Require too much typing from user.
  • Skimp on your mobile site.
  • Count only clicks. There’s plenty of data to be found in your customers’ behavior, such as their location, device and carrier.

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