In-Office Printing vs. Outsourced Printing

October 12, 2023
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Even in today’s digital age, millions of companies around the world still rely on paper documents in their day-to-day operations. From internal documents to presentation items for clients, having access to a quality printer that can quickly create these materials is both convenient and cost-effective. However, not all companies have high-end printers in their offices, so many outsource their printing needs to third party companies. Both in-office and outsourced printing have their advantages and disadvantages, and it’s sometimes difficult to determine which option suits your needs best. Let’s explore the pros and cons of each option to help you make an informed decision on what is best for you and your business.

Printing in Your Office:


  • Convenience: Printing in your office offers the convenience of immediate access to your printer. Whether you need to print important documents for work, a last-minute boarding pass, or a photograph, having a printer at arms reach can be incredibly convenient. On the other hand, outsourcing may require additional time for submitting files, communicating specifications, and waiting for completed prints. It is important to consider your printing needs and urgency when evaluating convenience.
  • Cost-Effectiveness for Small Volume Jobs: For low-volume printing needs, in-office printing can be cost-effective. However, it is worth noting that the cost per page for home printing can be higher due to the price of ink cartridges and paper. If you already have a printer, the marginal cost per page might be relatively lower compared to outsourcing. 


  • Quality Limitations: While printers have come a long way in terms of quality, professional print shops still have an edge in terms of print quality. Outsourcing typically invests in high-end equipment, color calibration, and premium paper options to produce sharp and vibrant prints.  If top-notch quality is something you need, outsourcing to a print shop would be the preferable choice because they can print complex graphics, high-resolution images, or special finishes that might not be achievable with home printing. 

Outsourced Printing:


  • Professional Quality: Commercial printing services utilize advanced equipment and expertise to produce high-resolution prints and professional finishes, unlike in-office printing. One significant advantage of outsourcing printing is the professional quality it offers.
  • Wide Range of Printing Options: Professional printing services provide a variety of paper, finishes, and printing techniques. Compared to in-office printing, outsourcing allows you to choose the perfect combination for your project’s needs. 


  • Additional Costs: On top of the printing cost, outsourcing may incur shipping fees, setup charges, and other add-ons like turnaround time that should be considered. It is worth noting that outsourced printing may be more cost-effective for larger printing  requirements as professional print shops often offer bulk discounts. Printing companies can handle large orders efficiently, reducing the cost per page. 

Start Printing with Raze Media!

As mentioned previously, in-office and outsourced printing have their own pros and cons. Every business has its own unique needs, and several factors from company size to budget can affect which printing option they select. At Raze Media, we are partnered with several professional printers that specialize in delivering quality results every time. Contact us today to start printing like a pro!

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