Raze Media is Now a Google Partner

October 12, 2019

(DALLAS, TX) – Raze Media, one of the industry’s fastest growing agencies, has leaped a tremendous hurdle this year. The digital marketing agency, based in Dallas, is now a certified Google Partner with a specialization in Search ads. While premiere partner is the ultimate goal for any ad-based marketing agency, partner status is the first milestone.  Partner status is only achieved once an agency has demonstrated excellence on the Google Ads platform. Some requirements that must be met include: have at least one employee of the agency become certified in Google Ads, meet a 90-day ad spend requirement of $10,000, and deliver overall ad revenue and market growth. Many companies get by without ever becoming Google partner’s, this achievement shows that Raze Media is prepared to go the extra mile for their clients.

“Most agencies meet the minimum requirement of having one certified employee, however we took it a step further and made it our goal to get all of our employees certified. We believe this sets us apart from other digital marketing agencies in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Our clients trust the work that we are doing for them, and our results are a testament to that.” Said Raze Media’s President and CEO, Tim McCallum.

This accomplishment means that Google is confident in the ability of Raze Media to create and manage marketing campaigns on the Google Ads platform. “We are constantly growing, learning, and adapting to the marketing industry. Our goal is to demonstrate mastery on every level” Said Chase Gohl, Raze Media’s Digital Marketing Specialist.

Raze Media is continuing to work towards their overarching goal of becoming a Google Premiere Partner. The digital marketing agency is also proficient in website design and development, email marketing, social media marketing, mobile marketing, and search engine optimization. Raze Media is dedicated to producing high quality work for every client in every industry.

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A fully equipped digital marketing agency that specializes in brand development. A group of “creative marketers” who work to CREATE CONVERSATION. Raze Media works with brands on building, tracking and growing their digital ecosystem and online presence. They design and develop stunning websites that are SEO optimized for an array of different clients. They manage social media accounts across all platforms, they design and manage email marketing campaigns, and they develop SMS marketing strategies. Furthermore, their Google Ads certified employees can build and manage your Google Ads and Facebook Ads campaigns. For help with digital marketing visit or call 214-420-6060.

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