SEO: A Key Factor To A Successful Business

November 23, 2022

Nowadays, technology has become an essential part of all human activities. We usually spend most of our time on social media, and we tend to get all our questions answered from the information we find on the internet, especially Google. Even when we are in need of something, Google is the platform we open first! According to statistics, Google has approximately 228 million searches every hour, and many users perform search engines every minute and hour. That is an exceedingly large audience for marketers to outreach these numbers of users. It’s also ideal for businesses that are trying to reach more customers, but how do we have access to get more notices from the customer? That is when SEO comes in handy to help your business grow and bring more traffic to your business’s website!

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What is SEO?

We may have often heard that SEO is a key to successful digital marketing. But what is SEO, and why do they matter to most businesses? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It’s the process of making your website rank highly on search engines, such as Google search results. A proper SEO setup for your site will give your business an excellent appearance to viewers and ensure your site will be on top of other competitors. If your business is looking for a way to improve visibility and increase traffic and sales to your site, then SEO is a perfect strategy!

How does SEO work?

First, let’s look at the organic search engine and have a better understanding! Organic search is also known as natural search; they are unpaid search results that position below paid searches. They are powerful searches that could connect your business’s website to more quality audiences. Seventy percent of search engine visitors click on organic search results, which explains the importance of having your website fall on organic search results.

how does seo work?

SEO focused on growing visibility in organic search engine results. To obtain a website page’s rank in search results by understanding how SEO works using search engine algorithms. Search engines count on algorithms to look for web pages and determine which pages to rank for a provided keyword. However, search engine algorithms are an operating system that helps searchers reach the exact results they are looking for.

In addition to getting your page rank on relevant search engines by these three processes; crawling, indexing, and ranking.

  1.  Crawling, which reaches out to new pages and records information about them.
  2. Indexing, which will find any contents that are considered duplicates and decide whether to use the content that it has crawled.
  3. Ranking is the last and most important process that positions the website on the search engine results page once the crawling and indexing processes are complete.

seo crawling, indexing and ranking

What are the top SEO tools to use?

There is a wide selection of excellent SEO tools for people to use for their business websites. These tools will help boost your website presence and keep track of your site performance on search engines so you can stay on top of other competitors. Here are the tools you would need:

  1. Google Search Console: A free tool offered by Google that helps measure your site’s performance and improve your site’s search traffic. They even allow you to fix issues or troubleshoot your site’s presence.
  2. Google Analytics: A Google platform that provides data and statistics to help you view insights into your business. This tool is beneficial for SEO and marketing development.
  3. Semrush: Keyword searching is a great strategy to apply for business websites to match customers’ searches. This SEO tool helps you achieve more customers using keyword research and improving online visibility.

Let’s start applying SEO to your business strategy!

We all understand SEO better and how it can positively impact our business. Let’s take the next step and focus on SEO seriously, as it gains traffic when you increase visibility and rankings through SEO tools.

So are you ready to optimize your website?

We love to help small to big businesses boost their business. We aim to allow every company to build credibility and trust with customers, creating a crucial part of digital marketing. Why wait to enhance your business visibility? Contact us today to let our SEO experts support your business effectively.

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