SMS Marketing: Benefits of Text Message Marketing and Building Your Brand

May 26, 2023

 Have you heard about SMS marketing? It is rapidly emerging as a vital tool in expanding your brand’s influence. However, what exactly is it? and why is it so crucial to growing your brand?

SMS marketing stands for Short Message Marketing and involves using text messages to reach your audience in a variety of ways. Everyday messages received through cell phones help influence people’s decisions, making text messaging one of the most important forms of reaching your audience. 

Text messaging has unique benefits, unlike any other form of marketing, making it a super useful tool for many brands wanting to grow their audiences. Below are a few of the benefits of SMS Marketing.

Black chalkboard that says SMS MarketingHigh Open Rates

SMS messages have an incredibly high open rate of 98% (on average), with the majority of texts being read within minutes of being received. This means that businesses can quickly and effectively reach their audience with important updates, promotions, and calls to action. Because of their high open rates, text message marketing is highly effective at driving sales, acquiring new customers, and building brand awareness.

Increased Engagement with your Audience

SMS marketing allows for personalized communication with customers, which can help build brand loyalty and improve customer retention. SMS can be used for a variety of tasks that help promote your brand. Text messages are great for promoting new deals, sending reminders, receiving quick feedback, and much more. This makes sending text messages the best way to get to know more about your audience and how they respond to your messages. The variety in its usage makes it a perfect option for businesses wanting to get the most return for their money.

SMS marketing can be used in conjunction with other marketing channels, such as social media and email, to create a cohesive and effective marketing strategy. Promoting your text message campaigns throughout your brand will lead to more sign-ups and exposure, so leveraging every format you have will lead to the best results. This can range from making advertisements in stores to social media posts promoting your deals. 

Unlike email marketing, SMS messages are not filtered into spam folders or missed in crowded inboxes. This means that businesses can be sure that their messages are being seen by their intended audience. Since text messages are sent as an alert they are seen the instant they are sent as well, making it the best option for time-sensitive messages to be seen when they are needed to be.

Group of professionals looking at phonesIncrease in sales

SMS makes many aspects of your business easier from getting your message out to promoting new deals. No matter what you use SMS for every campaign has one thing in common and that is helping increase sales over time. The better you leverage your campaigns for sales the better results you will see as well. Some things to consider when setting up your text message campaign to increase sales is having a call to action and sending the consumer to where you want them to go. The more time and effort you put into your text message campaigns the better results you will see over time.

Overall, SMS marketing offers businesses a unique opportunity to connect with their audience in a personal and effective way. By leveraging the power of text messaging, brands can grow their influence and drive business growth. If you want to incorporate more text messages into your company’s marketing contact our team at Raze media today and have your message heard.

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