Three Aspects of Online Marketing That You Can’t Cheap Out On

September 26, 2018
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Building an online presence for your company may seem like an easy task for you to handle. With multiple free website building platforms and many easy to use marketing tools like Facebook Ads and Google Ads, the internet marketing space has become an inexpensive way to build a brand. Companies have even found success by solely utilizing social media platforms to grow their business. However, using these inexpensive options may be detrimental to your company’s growth in the long run. Here are three aspects of online marketing that you absolutely cannot cheap out on!

1. Website Design And Development

With hundreds of website building platforms available on the market, building a website has never been cheaper or easier. With website builders such as Wix, Squarespace, GoDaddy, Weebly and so many more, literally anybody can build a website for free. Although these free options may seem like the perfect way to build a website, being cheap will end up costing you big time.

When using a website builder, although it is made to be simple, you will still need to allocate many hours to create the website. This process may become frustrating for you or an employee that has little to no experience with web design. Website builders offer you a limited amount of templates and designs to choose from. That’s why so many websites have the same look and feel these days. In addition, website builders are horrible at capturing data and mobilizing people. That’s why a web design and development team is so beneficial. Using a web designer will distinctly set you apart from those repetitive and elementary websites your competitors are displaying, while also capturing data that is valuable to your company.

Web designers and developers may seem expensive at first, but you need to remember that your website should be treated as an investment. When you invest in a web designer you are setting yourself up for greater future returns. With benefits such as SEO, customized design and advanced functionality, the investment is sure to pay off. The aesthetic appeal of a customized website will set you apart from the competition and give you the ability to land many new clients/customers.  A web designer will tailor a website to your wants and needs. Do you want your website to generate sales? Do you want your website to raise awareness about a specific product? Do you want your website to appeal to an older demographic? Whatever it may be, a web designer will work directly with you to create a perfectly functioning website. Ultimately you will save time, eliminate stress and create an elite website when you work with a website design and development team.

2. Search Engine Marketing

When deciding how to allocate your online marketing budget it is a good Idea to consider hiring a digital marketing agency. A digital marketing agency, like Raze Media will be able to maximize your investment and increase your ROI. Setting up a Google Ads account or a Facebook Ads account is fairly easy, but creating a successful digital campaign is quite the opposite. Honestly, if you are setting up your own Google Ads or Facebook Ads campaigns you are probably losing money. Google guides you through the setup process but rarely do they lead you down the most cost effective path for your company. Courses that offer an in depth look at how to utilize Google Ads can tremendously increase the ROI of your digital ad campaigns. Or better yet, you can hire a digital marketing agency like Raze Media that has employees already trained to use the program.

The difference between successful digital campaigns and unsuccessful digital campaigns could be thousands of dollars every month. Hire a digital marketing agency that can manage your budget, create successful digital ad campaigns and provide performance reports. Running these accounts yourself will be frustrating and will require a great amount of attention. Don’t waste time and money creating digital campaigns yourself when a digital marketing agency can take care of everything for you. The money you spend on the digital marketing agency will lead to higher conversions, less money wasted on poorly functioning campaigns, and greater overall growth for your business. This is one aspect of online marketing that you definitely cannot cheap out on.

3. Social Media Management

Managing your social media accounts might seem like a simple task, but there are so many benefits to hiring a digital marketing agency to do the managing for you. Many business owners try to handle these tasks themselves and they often fail. They don’t see growth in their followers and they seldom see conversions coming from their social media pages. They are doing something wrong!  Here are some ways that a digital marketing agency can help you grow:

  1. Planning – The agency will analyze your existing accounts and lay out a plan for a successful social media experience. This will benefit any person that has been self-running their social media accounts and has no clue as to why they aren’t seeing growth.
  2. Consistent Posting – The digital marketing agency will guarantee a certain amount of posts to be published every week. This could be multiple times a day or a few times a week depending on your budget and preferences. You can trust that your business will have consistent content going out to your followers. Thus, building an even bigger following without you ever having to login to your account.
  3. Engagement – The agency will be in charge of engaging with your community, replying to comments, responding to messages, reaching out to other accounts, and so much more that goes into engaging with your online community. The daily research and effort required to run a successful account will all be taken care of by experienced social media managers.

If you want to succeed online you need to make sure you are doing things the right way, NOT THE CHEAP WAY! Fortunately there are agencies out there that specialize in all of these aspects of online marketing. Digital marketing agencies like Raze Media can design and develop a new website, take on your marketing campaigns, and implement an effective social media strategy all at one time. So before you try and build an online presence all by yourself, START A CONVERSATION with a digital marketing agency like Raze Media and see if they are a viable solution for you.

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