TikTok vs Instagram Reels, Which is Better?

November 22, 2022

Should you invest in TikTok or Instagram Reels?    

You might be considering whether you should invest in TikTok or Instagram Reels and whether you should concentrate on one platform over the other. Choosing a side is difficult because no one seems to be able to agree on which is better for engagement rates. Some in the social media marketing industry would believe that TikTok videos are more popular because the TikTok algorithm is “superior.” In contrast, others assert that Reels are more popular because Instagram is constantly promoting Reels.

Purpose of Instagram reels vs tiktok

What’s The Purpose of TikTok and Instagram Reels?  

There are some subtle differences between TikTok and Instagram Reels, but both applications serve the same purpose: they allow users to quickly create, edit and share short-form video content. Both provide users with a wide range of entertaining filters and effects, as well as the option to include music and sound effects. While both offer the same primary function, the question is which platform cultivates more engagement than the other?

Although TikTok and Instagram Reels do have some differences, the platform you choose will rely on your target demographic, brand, and marketing objectives. TikTok would be the optimal choice if you’re trying to attract the “Gen Z audience.” Instagram Reels is an excellent place to start if you want to improve your Instagram strategy and increase your following.

the algorithm of tiktok and instagram reels

Comparing The Algorithms of TikTok and Instagram Reels  

TikTok “For You Page” (FYP) is tailored to your interests, whereas the Instagram Reels Explore Page is a melting pot of content. TikTok states “The system recommends content by ranking videos based on a combination of factors- starting from interests you express as a new uer and adjusting for things you indicate you’re not interested in too.” The factors include things like: (1) User interactions, videos you’ve liked, shared, and commented on, accounts you’ve followed, and content you create. (2) Video details, such as captions, sound/audio, and hashtags. (3) Device settings, such as language, preference, country, and device type. It doesn’t stop there, each of the factors are individually weighted by TikTok’s FYP recommendation system, meaning each page will be completely unique to a user and their level of interest.

As for the Instagram Reels Explore page, it’s unclear if the content you’re receiving is determined by these variables. There is a “Featured” video function on Instagram. Instagram stated, “If your Reel is featured in Explore, you’ll receive a notification. Featured reels are a selection of public reels chosen by Instagram to help you discover original content we hope will entertain and inspire you.” Comparable to TikTok, Instagram Reels requires consistent uploads since the more you upload, the more probable it is that your content will appear on the Explore page.

analytics of tiktok vs instagram reels

Analytics of TikTok and Instagram Reels 

You can access all of TikTok’s analytics if you have a TikTok Pro Account. You’ll be able to target the appropriate audiences and fully comprehend their interests. You are able to see when your video was trending and where the specific traffic sources came from. You are also able to access the sounds your followers listened to, which can help you decide what sound to use next. Currently, these features do not exist on Instagram Reels. Users can only see the number of views, likes, and comments the content receives.

experiment with tiktok vs instagram reels

Experiment With Instagram Reels and TikTok  

Hootsuite conducted an experiment by posting the exact identical content on brand new accounts. Which platform would dare to push the content to the masses, even though the accounts had zero following? Here was the takeaway, TikTok blew Instagram Reels out of the water. With the assumption that Reels were pushed out to non-followers, the Reels did not reach anyone. There were several views, but the content didn’t get much more engagement than that, not even many likes or comments. Meanwhile, on TikTok, the exact same content reached out to more people and received more views, likes, and more.

is instagram reels better than tiktok

Is TikTok Better Than Instagram Reels?  

In conclusion, TikTok does a far better job of pushing content out into the world that Reels does. If you’re looking to achieve reach within your content and build an audience from scratch, TikTok is probably the best choice. However, with the Hootsuite experiment, they were not able to test the engagement Reels would have gotten with a pre-existing audience. Would posting Reels from an account with followers have made a difference in its algorithm? Perhaps pre existing followers would have engaged more in the content. If you’re still not sure which one to use, I recommend trying both! It doesn’t hurt to test your content on both platforms and see which performs better. Share the same video simultaneously on all platforms and watch what happens.

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