Tips for Creating Eye-Catching Email Subject Lines

December 13, 2023
tips for eye-catching email subject lines

Over the last few decades, email has become one of the most popular communication forms. This can be attributed to the current digital age we live in, that email can share information significantly faster than traditional mail, it is more formal than text messaging, and it is more permanent than speaking on the phone. In fact, 99% percent of active email users check their email everyday! There are at least 4 billion active users with 205 billion emails being sent and received each day. Nevertheless, email can be a powerful tool to help businesses reach their goals. With so many businesses implementing email marketing, how can your email not only stand out from a wave of unopened emails, but also entice your audience to read and engage with what you’ve shared with them? Keep reading to learn our tips for creating eye-catching email subject lines. 


On average, marketers only have three seconds to win over a viewer’s attention. With this being said, email subject lines are extremely important for gaining your audience’s attention. The email subject line will dictate if the viewer will open the email or interact with it at all. A proper subject line reads a clear statement of what the email contains. The reader should immediately understand what the email will give them; whether this is insights into the business or exclusive sale to act upon. Implementing a clear message as the subject will reduce the chances of the audience overlooking your message. Try these tips to stand out: 


Use Clear, Concise Language 


The first way to grab the audience’s attention is to use clear, concise language. If the subscriber has joined your business’s email mailing list, the chances are that they’ve also subscribed to various businesses, meaning there are other emails to compete with. Your business’s email will not be the only one waiting in their inbox. This can also be applied when writing the email preview. In this, let the audience know exactly why they should open your email in as few words as possible. 


Use Actionable Language 


Effective subject lines make the reader want to act. The key to implementing actionable language is to utilize strong action verbs. Starting subject lines with phrases like ‘Enter Our Contest’ or ‘Schedule a Tour’ specifies what you are looking for them to do, while being concise. If the purpose of your email is to inform, use words such as: discover, remember, and learn because these words create a sense of urgency to act upon the email. 


Get Personal 


An easy way to get personal with your subscribers is to use their name in subject lines. People are much more likely to pay attention to a message when they see their name included. Another way to get personal with the audience is to refer to their location. Remind them your business is located not far from them or opening a new location in their city. 


Implement Numbers and Questions 


Our next tip to follow is to implement numbers and questions into your email subject lines. Including numbers into your subject lines will inform the audience that your email has shape, direction, and something to offer them. An example of this can be 3 tips to boost engagement, or 25% off sale online today only. With this, try using questions as your subject line. Questions tend to peak interest and generate thought. If they are targeted toward your audience, they may also think it’s someone they know with a question for them. 


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Understanding how to grab our audience’s attention with the email subject line is only the beginning step to effective marketing email campaigns. Let Raze Media take it from here! With our intensive email marketing skills we will:

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