Tips to Increase Your Social Media Following

May 14, 2024
Tips to increase your social media following with Raze Media

Increasing your social media following should be one of your main priorities as a business, whether large or small. Some people use social media to connect with their friends, families, or celebrities, but 30% of users use social media to locate what brands they want to purchase from. However, gaining a large social following can be a more daunting task than most anticipate. It’s difficult to find what motivates your audience to click the “follow” button on your profile. Tracking your marketing efforts is just one way to figure out what works for your brand. So make sure you keep reading to learn some tips and tricks in order to increase your social media following.

How to ask thought-provoking questions

When posting on your social media, make sure to include a strong open-ended question. These open-ended questions are an extremely effective way to begin a conversation with your consumers/followers. The more relevant a question is to someone, the more likely they are to engage with your platform. Therefore, you must get to know your audience to know what type of questions will incentivize them the most

For instance, you could ask questions related to a specific topic, how your followers tend to do something, or ask them about their personal experiences. When increasing your engagement through these questions, you’re also increasing your reach. This allows more people to be able to find your account and possibly follow it as well.

What times should I be posting?

Some social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram provide social insights you’re able to use in order to determine the best time to post. There are also softwares such as SproutSocial, Hootsuite, and Coschedule that provide you with ideal times to post on your socials as well. Through these softwares, you’re also able to schedule your posts ahead of time, allowing you to stay ahead of the game. By using this data, you’re able to make sure that you’re posting during your followers’ most active times in order to gain the most social engagement. 

How do I add more value to my posts?

When posting on social media, make sure you’re posting with a purpose. If you want something from your consumers, such as them clicking on the follow button in your profile, there must be a value exchange. Simply put, they must get something in return for taking an action. When encouraging your followers to like, comment, or follow your page, you must make content that is engaging enough that they’re willing to take the time to do so.

Some ways to add value to your content are: teaching your followers how to do something, inspiring them, making them feel something specific, or providing them with laughter or entertainment. 

Videos vs Photos

Videos are rising in popularity by the second. According to studies, 4x as many consumers prefer to watch a video regarding a product rather than reading about it. Also, social users spend almost 3x more time watching live videos than traditional videos.

These videos don’t need to be long, either. Those on social media tend to be on the go, therefore keeping it short and sweet is best. 51% of video plays tend to take place on mobile devices and more than half of the video consumption are videos underneath 5 minutes long.

Utilize Raze Media’s Social Media Management Services!

Increasing your social media following can be a difficult task for any company. If you’re wanting to increase your engagement, reach, and follower count, make sure to contact Raze Media today!

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