What a digital brand analysis will do for your company

April 1, 2020

80% of consumers conduct extensive online research prior to making a major purchase. Creating a strong digital presence will set a company apart from its competitors and reach more consumers. Do you know where your company’s digital brand stands? Read below to learn how a digital brand analysis from Raze Media can help strengthen your brand to better reach those consumers conducting online research.

What is a digital footprint?

A digital footprint is an online identity that makes a brand unique. An online reputation is built through all things on the Internet. A few components of a digital footprint are websites, social media, and paid ads. It is important to compare your brand identity on a mobile device versus a traditional desktop and understand which device consumers utilize most often. Creating a unique and memorable digital brand starts with a thorough digital brand analysis.

What are the benefits of an in-depth digital brand analysis?

An in-depth digital brand analysis will note any inconsistencies, list key findings, and provide recommendations for improving a digital brand. It is important to conduct a digital brand evaluation as soon as possible when trying to build or improve a brand because nowadays most consumers are looking online for product information prior to making a purchase.

Where to begin?

Even if a brand has internal resources to look at its digital brand, utilizing a digital marketing agency like Raze Media is a good way to get a professional ‘check-up’ on your digital brand presence. The process is simple. Raze Media will start by meeting with the brand and then provide assistance on how the brand is doing overall and in comparison to its competitors. From there, leave all the hard work in the hands of our talented digital team.

What will be analyzed in a digital brand analysis?

Raze Media can conduct a detailed evaluation of all components in a brand’s digital footprint.

A digital brand analysis will dive deep into the strengths and weaknesses of:

  • online reviews
  • social media channels
  • website presence
  • mobile vs. desktop display
  • current search engine optimization value

A digital brand analysis will look into the number of reviews online as well as the quality and rating of each review. For social media channels, the content, consistency, and reach of the current brand will be analyzed in detail. Diving deep into the format, consistency, content and internal links of the brand’s website will help show how the website presence can be improved. A digital brand analysis will also compare mobile and desktop display by providing recommendations for better optimizing the displays. Finally, the brand will be given a current search engine optimization value along with an explanation for areas of improvement regarding web search engines.

Raze Media also looks further than the surface of a digital brand by researching and analyzing Google’s view on the brand, Google rankings, and comparison to its competitors.

Conducting a complete and thorough digital brand analysis is a crucial part of identifying any weaknesses and inconsistencies of a digital brand. After analyzing any current issues, a digital brand analysis will provide recommendations for future digital strategies and the overall design of the website and social channels.

What are the next steps?

After our skilled team at Raze Media conducts a digital brand analysis, we then meet with the brand to present what is currently working effectively as well as recommend specific areas for improvement. Overall, we will provide a roadmap for where the brand can grow through a digestible digital marketing plan.

Why Raze Media?

Raze Media is a talented niche digital marketing agency aligned to provide service for mid-cap businesses. Raze Media has a strong SEO team, social media management skills and intensive knowledge in web design and development that will help optimize a brand’s digital footprint. Utilize our professional skills to increase your digital brand presence.

Looking to optimize your digital marketing? Let Raze Media help strengthen your digital brand. Contact us today to get in touch and discuss how we can help you!

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