What is Tailored Marketing? And How You Can Use It to Upgrade Your Brand

May 15, 2024
What is tailored marketing?

What is Tailored Marketing?

Tailored marketing is becoming huge in the marketing world, but what is it? Tailored marketing involves customizing content and strategies to individual preferences to enhance relevance, engagement, and ad connections. This powerful approach enables businesses to understand and connect with their consumers on a deeper level, fostering stronger relationships. Additionally, it drives business growth, making it a win-win for everyone involved.

Tailored marketing isn’t just a passing trend; it’s fundamentally reshaping how marketing influences consumers. Continue reading to discover how you can incorporate tailored marketing into your strategies.

How Can Tailored Marketing Benefit Your Business?

Although customizing your marketing strategy to your buyer may seem like more work, integrating “personalization” into your strategy is definitely worth the extra time and effort. 

Determine the Right Social Media Platforms

Tailored marketing is essential for identifying which social platforms to focus your marketing efforts on. Certain demographics use different platforms for their social media. For example, younger generations like Millennials or Gen-Z are more active on Tiktok and Instagram. Contrarily, older generations like Gen X or Boomers prefer Facebook or LinkedIn. Tailored marketing helps you target the right audience on the right platform.

Identify the Best Content for Your Audience

Different content appeals to different audiences. Tailored marketing requires you to track your metrics and learn what works best for your consumers and what doesn’t. This way, you’re able to focus your efforts towards content that actually works. For instance, if your audience responds poorly to blogs or ebooks, you shouldn’t put time into creating them. Instead, if your audience responds well to short videos, you should focus on making those. Understanding out what captures your audience’s attention is a key part of tailored marketing. 

How to Get to Know Your Consumers

Creating a tailored marketing strategy puts your customer in the spotlight. You should be tracking their online behavior, conducting research, and engaging in thorough conversations with them. This builds trust between your consumers and your brand, leading to retention and referrals. Additionally, it provides insights into your consumers’ daily preferences and interactions.

How to Achieve a Tailored Marketing Strategy

Now that you know the benefits of a tailored marketing strategy, here’s how to create one. Tailored marketing focuses on aligning the message to the audience’s demographics, needs, and wants. This involves:

  • Message Content: What your message says.
  • Presentation: The platform you use to deliver your message.
  • Medium: The format of your message, such as an article, video, or graphic.

For example, a foundation repair company’s tailored marketing strategy would target homeowners in their specific geographic area. They would build a profile of these homeowners (age, income, concerns, social platform use), then create content like “Signs of Foundation Damage” or “Benefits of Drainage Repair,” and present it on the platforms most visited by these homeowners.

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