You Think You Own Your Domain

July 29, 2019

Each computer on the Internet has a unique Internet Protocol (IP) address, which is a string of numbers and periods. An IP address is assigned to a device so that it can communicate with other devices and be identified by other devices on the Internet. When you search something on the Internet, your device is tagged with your IP address so that the Search Engine knows which device to send the results to.

However, as users, we rarely use IP addresses to search things on the Internet. We browse and search the internet with domain names. Domain names are essentially used to translate IP addresses’ into terms that are easier for us to remember. For example, it is much easier to remember than  When we search a domain name to go to a website, the domain name converts to an IP address and sends us to the website we are searching.

Domains are more than just a way to translate programming language. They are essential to creating a strong online presence. Like IP addresses, domain names cannot be duplicated. Here are a few reasons why it is important to register a domain name:

Protect your brand

A brand is the way that customers identify your business or product. Customers oftentimes identify a business by its name. It is important for your domain name to match your business name because it’s most likely the first thing people are going to search if they are searching for your business. By matching your domain name to your business name you are reinforcing your brand, which sets you apart from your competitors. By registering a short, memorable domain name with your business name, you also make your website more accessible for returning customers.

You may think your brand is protected…

You may think that your brand is protected if you have already registered your own domain name. However, this is not necessarily the case. It is great if you have registered the domain name for your restaurant called Taco Shop. However, if a potential customer searches “Taco Shop Dallas” then they may be redirected to a website called If this domain name has been taken by someone else then you may lose potential customers who search “Taco Shop Dallas.” Not only do you need to protect your domain name, but you need to protect similar domain names to protect your brand. It may be difficult to know which domain names you should register. Our experts can help you decide which domain names are the most important to register to protect your brand.

Secure your domain names

The longer you wait to register domain names that match your business, the more likely you are to lose it to a competitor, to a cyber squatter or even to unexpected buyers. GrubHub recently bought more than 23,000 domain names, proving that this can happen unexpectedly. GrubHub’s recent purchases prevent thousands of businesses from securing an appropriate domain name for their business. So, when searchers search a particular business, it’s possible that they will be sent to Grubhub’s shadow page of a business rather than the actual business’s webpage. Various restaurant owners have expressed their concerns.

Build your credibility

Having your own domain name makes your website look more secure. During a time when consumers are becoming increasingly wary of online security, it is important to set yourself apart from websites that are not safe. If you publish your site through a free site then you’ll end up with a vague URL. By registering your own domain you can choose a specific domain name that gives you more credibility with consumers. Furthermore, some third party web builders actually own your domain name if you go through them to build your website. That’s why it’s important to work with experts like us at Raze Media who manage your online presence so that you own your domain name. We are here to help you succeed.

 Not sure where to start?

We specialize in digital marketing. We are experts who can help you register a domain name and build an online presence. If you’ve already started but you’re not sure what steps to take next, we can take your existing domain name and make sure it is secure. We can take your vague domain name and find one that is a better fit for your brand. And if your website needs an overhaul, we design and develop beautiful websites that are functional and secure. Contact us today!

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